🌱Zero- Waste

🌿Eco Friendly


🌾Made from Sedge Grass!

Plastic Straws, and all plastic in general are polluting our oceans globally.

United Nations (UN) estimates that by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans!

This pollution is killing off our wildlife and causing devasting affects to our ocean, beaches & Sea Life.  Grass Straws has something to say about it.

“We have a solution and are here to make a difference”. Grass straws are 100% natural grey sedge grass of the species Lepironia Articulata. Locally known as “co bang”, the grass grows around the Mekong Delta region in south-western Vietnam. 

Grass Straws are biodegradable and don’t damage the environment.

Grass straws are the best straws! They don’t fall apart in your mouth like paper straws, they actually last for days in liquid!

Each straw that is purchased helps the clean up with a donation.  So start looking good with our straws and feeling good about it every time you take a sip.

Follow our journey to get everyone to drink from our straws and save the world.


Name is Rachel I’m the founder of Grass Straws & Buddha Pants. We make harem pants that are manufactured in Vietnam. We ship and distribute worldwide. With a connection to the farmers that grow Sedge Grass near our textile factory- we’ve excitingly found ourselves obsessed with these fun ZERO-WASTE straws. 

Combined with my husbands ZERO WASTE obsession and my love for making a change and entrepreneurship. We’ve started importing Grass Straws. 

We are excited to make change for the future of our children and environment. 

Happy sipping!